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Argon is widely used in incandescent lamp industry or the filling of light bulbs and fluorescent lamp. Furthermore, it also used with other rare gases in filling of special bulbs and display tubes for lighted signs. It is used to provide an inert gas shield for arc welding (GMAW (MIG) & GTAW (TIG)) to prevent oxidation of the metal being welded. In plasma gas cutting, argon or Argon-H2 heated to certain temperature that used for cutting operation and for coating metals with refractory material. In addition, argon also used in refining of stainless steel, dehydrogenizing refining of melted aluminium, silicon ingot production, semiconductor fabrication, powdered metal fabrication and as a carrier gas for various analytical instrument.

Continuous casting, Blanketing, Inerting, Metalizing, Welding Foundry, Cyrofitting, Heat treating

Kimia dan Petrokimia
Blanketing, Sparging, Purging, Prilling, Electric and Electronic, Tube lamp filling

Laser, Cryobiology

Gelas, Kaca dan Lampu
Blanketing, Halogen lamp, Bulbs and tube