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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and slightly acidic. CO2 is heavier than air and water soluble.

Carbon dioxide is widely used in food and beverages industry. It is the source of the bubbles in soft drinks and other carbonated beverages. As a natural anti-microbial, carbon dioxide is also used to increase the shelf life of juice and dairy products, protecting taste and texture, and reducing the need for preservatives, natural and artificial. In addition, as a “dry ice” it also used in food freezing and chilling and packaging, mixer and blender cooling, and in-transit refrigeration.

Carbon dioxide commonly used as a shielding gas during MAG welding because it prevents atmospheric contamination of molten weld metal during gas shielded electric arc welding process. Besides, it is also used for CO2 lasers in welding and cutting. Carbon dioxide also play an important roles in many industrial process grinding sensitive material, rubber tumbling , cold-treating metals, shrink fitting of machinery parts and industrial cleaning by blasting and polishing.

It is used to fill certain types of fire extinguishers that rely on its inert properties, density, and low temperature when released from high-pressure storage.